PANOPA established in 2013. It has the locations in different cities, Main Factory and Technical Support & Backup Manufacturing Office.
Manufacturing started in the same year In the factory. Technical Support Office opened in 2018 in “Gebze” City. 
Factory located on 1600 m2 closed area with 8 divisions. Manufacturing is spread in 6 divisions while the Project offices are in 2 divisions.
PANOPA is a project and service-oriented engineering company. All kind of electrical enclosures needed in the fields of electricity production, transmission and distribution are in our area of interest. 
We provide Design, Project Planning, Field Survey, Manufacturing, Electrical Connection, Maintenance/Repair, Testing and Commissioning services.
Main production area of PANOPA is variety of Control Panels for “POWER, DISTRIBUTION and DRY Type Transformers”.
Beside we make different cabinets such as Machine Automation projects Panels, Maintenance Panels of factories, Generator Control Panels and Telecom companies POWER DC distribution panels.